Our Voter Guide will be updated as more responses are received. Make sure to view the most recent information on your day of voting.

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North Carolina Non-Partisan Voter Guide for Health Freedom

Welcome to the North Carolina Voter Guide for Health Freedom!

This guide will help you determine which candidates are most likely to protect your freedom to choose whether or not to vaccine.

Please plan to invest a few minutes to prepare for voting.

How to use the Voter Guide:

  1. Search for your sample ballot here: https://vt.ncsbe.gov/RegLkup/

    • Enter first name, last name, and voter status and click the SEARCH button

    • Click on your name in the search results

    • Click SAMPLE BALLOTS and select the one marked GENERAL

    • Print out sample ballot to fill in your choices

  2. Look up each of your candidates on the Voter Guide spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is organized by CONTEST NAME. In addition, you can use the ‘find’ feature by using CONTROL F or COMMAND F and then typing in the name of the candidate.

  3. Read the candidate’s survey responses and comments carefully to determine if you believe he/she will protect our right to choose. You can mark the ones you want to vote for on your sample ballot.

  4. If there is no response listed for one or more of your candidates, we encourage you to contact them and ask for their stance. Please forward any response you get to healnc@protonmail.com.

  5. Share with friends/family.

Voter Guide Sources

This health freedom voter guide draws candidate information from 3 sources:

  • HEAL NC activists' contact with NC candidates

  • Candidate survey mailed to candidates by PAVE (People Advocating Vaccine Education)

  • An email survey sent to candidates by Stand for Health Freedom (SHF)

The survey questions asked by each of these 3 entities are outlined below.

HEAL NC Activist Outreach

HEAL NC activists reached out to the candidates via email or social media asking if the candidate supports medical freedom. The following question was suggested by HEAL NC, though activists were encouraged to personalize this question.

I want the freedom to accept or reject vaccination for myself and my minor children without penalty. The state or federal government cannot force me or my minor children to be vaccinated without my express permission. The state and federal government cannot restrict my activities should I decline a vaccination. Are you willing to support my right to accept or reject vaccination and protect me from coercive measures?

Thank you in advance for your time.

PAVE Survey

PAVE mailed a survey to NC candidates along with a return postcard. The postcard returned by candidates said the following:

Thank you for your response on whether parents can exercise their religious freedom under the NC and US Constitution!

Candidate Name: _________________________________

  • Yes, I support a parent’s right to decide what is best for the well-being of their children and families

  • No, I do not

Comments: ________________________________________

The information in this guide is taken from the PAVE 2020 General Election Stance Guide.

Stand For Health Freedom Survey

The following survey was emailed by Stand for Health Freedom to 410 candidates who are running for the following offices:

  • Governor
  • Lt. Governor
  • Attorney General
  • State Superintendent of Schools
  • US Senate
  • US House of Representatives
  • NC Senate
  • NC House of Representatives

Stand for Health Freedom Survey Language

Stand for Health Freedom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to safeguarding basic human rights, constitutional rights and parental rights. We represent a community of more than 3,000 families in North Carolina, and HEAL NC is part of our nationwide grassroots network. 

A covid vaccine is being rushed to market with abbreviated safety studies. Our members are concerned about the possibility of a compulsory covid vaccine as well as mandates for other vaccines. Some news reports have implied that once the covid vaccine is developed, citizens may not be able to attend work, use public transportation/fly, or be in public places without proof of vaccination. Can you please complete the following survey to help us understand your position about whether vaccines should be mandated?

    1.  Do you plan to preserve NC citizens’ right to choose whether to receive the covid vaccine? Yes, No, Not sure

    2.  Do you plan to preserve NC citizens’ right to choose whether to receive vaccines in general including childhood vaccines? Yes, No, Not sure

    3.  What is the strength of your position on the issue of mandating vaccines?

    1.  Strongly oppose mandating vaccines
    2.  Somewhat oppose mandating vaccines
    3.  Not sure
    4.  Somewhat agree with mandating vaccines
    5.  Strongly agree with mandating vaccines

    4.  Would you be willing to schedule a meeting with a small group of citizens about this issue after the election? Yes, No, Not sure


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