Connect with others online and in person

As we are being pushed out of FB and potentially off other social media, we think it's important to find a safe place to connect online, with the intent of then connecting in person. 

We are thankful to have found Krunchola! It's an invite-only platform launched by one of our own members. We have our very own link to join as members of the HEALNC Community.

Here's how it works:

  1. Apply For an Invitation; The 3-5 minute questionnaire will verify personal details, social media accounts and qualifying questions.
  2. Select Your Subscription; $2 /Monthly or $15 /Yearly.
  3. Review; Once received, the Krunchola admin team will review your application.
  4. Approval; Upon approval, a team member will send you a personalized email invitation.
  5. Download the App; In your e-mail it will include a link to download the Krunchola App from the APP store. (iOS + Android) You can also use the website to sign into the platform.
  6. Create your Account; You create your profile and start enjoying your new community! – You can then invite others to apply.

You can learn more about Krunchola HERE. We can't wait to see you there!