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Election Strategy

Step 1: Visit enter your address. Click “Show DISTRICTS.”

Step 2: Use our Candidate Spreadsheetto find your candidates and their contact information. Please prioritize contacting your candidates for NC House, NC Senate, US House. Also contact candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, NC Attorney General, US Senate and Judges.

Step 3: Contact your candidates in writing via email, Facebook Messenger, or campaign website contact form with the following message:

I want the freedom to accept or reject vaccination for myself and my minor children without penalty. The state or federal government cannot force me or my minor children to be vaccinated without my express permission. The state and federal government cannot restrict my activities should I decline a vaccination. Are you willing to support my right to accept or reject vaccination and protect me from coercive measures?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Step 4: Forward emails or send screenshots of responses to and share on your social media accounts. Please make sure the candidate’s full name and office are included. Contact us if you need help finding the candidates who will be on your ballot. 

Thank you for taking action to protect health freedom in North Carolina!