“The goal is to be Vigilant, Vocal, Visible citizens.”
​- Melanie Williams

This interview with Leah Wilson of Stand for Health Freedom and two activists from Waynesville, NC lays out an apparent effort to grant blanket emergency powers to the Waynesville mayor and town council. It’s pretty alarming stuff. Watch below and then take action.

It’s possible that the same emergency powers are being enacted in cities, towns and counties around the state. That’s where you come in. We thought you might want to watch out for this in your community. Here are some ideas about what you can do to watch your city, county, health department and school board:

  1. Call your representative and ask them if their entity (city council/county commissioners/health department) has changed or considered amending their charter to enhance their emergency powers. Are they considering amending emergency powers in their charter in the future?
  2. Watch the city council/county commission/health department’s meeting agendas for anything that is related to COVID, emergency orders, etc.
  3. Attend meetings if something suspicious comes up on the agenda. You might want to create an event in the various health freedom groups on FB so others can be aware and attend, as well.

This strategy was developed by one of our HEAL NC regions to keep an eye on and build relationships with their local decision makers, and we wanted to share it so you can try it in your community. Some examples of the successes they have experienced are: 1) stopping a vaccine propaganda letter, 2) building relationships with and educating county commissioners, 3) preventing their town mayor from seizing state of emergency powers, 4) prevention of an expanded mask mandate. Remember that the only way you’ll know that your elected officials know something is if you tell them yourself.

We’d be so pleased to hear if you plan to take action and how. If you find any noteworthy information, please let us know that, too.