Ways You Can Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in taking targeted action in North Carolina! For a more detailed description of each role, download our Community Roles List. Contact us if you have another idea of how you’d like to get involved.

HEAL NC Community Roles

Legislative Outreach 

• watching upcoming legislation 

• connecting with elected officials 

• communicating with community about legislative calendar 

• manage postcard teams 

Tech Support 

• assist community with setting up social media accounts 

• possible local group websites 

• assist with all other tech needs like setting up Google voice, email accounts, newsletter account, etc. 


• present educational programs in community (libraries, churches, in homes, etc.) 

• record Facebook and social media videos for sharing 

• write educational posts 

Medical Expert 

• anyone in the movement that has a medical certification or degree who is willing to participate in Q&As and weigh in on social media comments that need an expert response 

Community Connector 

• plans events to get our community together for times of connection and encouragement 

• could also be the point person for new members to help them find roles in which to participate


• individuals who thrive on digging into the scientific, legal, legislative, and other literature to provide our community with facts and information necessary to staying informed 


• people with skills in digital and print design who are willing to create social media graphics, print media, infographics, etc. 

Social Media Moderator 

• maintain group social media accounts 

• create content 

• respond to comments 

• engage other roles in social media when necessary 


• maintain a phone tree, email list or text list

• update community calendar 

• keep meeting notes 


• thinks of ways to raise funds for expenses 

• manages fundraising events 


• managing e-newsletter 

• new member vetting 

• communicate all necessary information within group 

Event Planner 

• plan flash mobs, educational events, legislative meet-ups, marches, etc. 

• finding and reserving venues 

• coordinating with other roles to make sure all the bases are covered 


• members who are available quickly to participate in a flash mob, protest, or other event in their area 


• in charge of funds raised by local community

• gather info about expenses for print media, professional video call accounts, travel, billboards, etc.

Covert Ops 

• place postcards, stickers, informational cards, etc on mail boxes, changing tables, and other public places to inform our communities about the dangers of vaccines and our need to protect freedom. 

Parental Advocate 

• go with parents to doctors appointments, school meetings, etc., to provide support when they’re pressured to get vaccines or other medical interventions. 

Content Curator 

• work on collating scientific studies 

• share news reports and government information with community 

• gather and assemble information for social media, handouts, informational packets, etc. 

Spiritual & Religious Community Outreach 

• contact and create relationships with local spiritual communities 

• educate leaders on our concerns 

• schedule educational events at houses of worship 

Legal Team 

• This team would be made up of individuals with knowledge about the legal system and how we can use it to protect our rights. 

Media Outreach 

• These community members would build relationships with local media, watch for any press that might impact our movement, write press releases and letters to the editor, engage with social media posts, act as a spokesperson for their local group etc. 

Area Reps

• Each of the 5 regions (HEAL WNC, HEAL Triad NC, HEAL Metro NC, TAFIC and HEAL Coastal NC) ideally have two area representatives that collaborate at the state level.  We still need 1 rep in the Triad area and 2 reps in the Metro area.