Childhood Vaccine Schedule Swells to 90 Doses
In the early 1980s, drug companies were under the crushing weight of litigation with one product line, vaccines. There were only a handful recommended for children at that time. But all that was about to change.
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Mask Rule Mandate Not Adopted by Dobson
Medical Freedom advocates in NC came together recently to express our opposition to the mask and social distancing rule being considered by the Department of Labor. Thanks to your efforts, DOL Commissioner Josh Dobson had ample ammunition to reject the proposal.
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Hormonal Birth Control: Are you in Control or is it Controlling you?
The Birth Control Pill, the most common form of hormonal birth control, has been touted for decades as the key to reproductive freedom for women. While it is effective at preventing pregnancy, it doesn't come without risks. Could it even change who you're attracted to?
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Dirty Dozen and Clean 15:  The Lists That Should Join You at the Grocery Store
Learn about the fruits and veggies you can purchase conventionally, and which ones should be organically grown. Small changes really do add up. By purchasing organic only where most necessary, your grocery bill will go down.
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NC Law Paves Way for Pharma to Control Children's Healthcare Without Parental Consent
Did you know your minor child can be legally administered vaccines, birth control pills, puberty blockers, or antidepressants, and you may never find out? NC health laws dating back to the 70s in conjunction with HIPAA eliminate your knowledge and decision making regarding your child's health care.
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NC Public Health Commission Reviewing Fluoride Science
After 80 years of debate about the safety of fluoride in our drinking water, the NC Public Health Commission is finally reviewing the science.
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Measles!? Should We Be Afraid?
The AAP has announced that measles outbreaks have been reported in multiple states. As of this writing, there have been a "nearly a dozen" measles cases this year so far in the U.S.
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Meet NC Medical Freedom Hero, Dr. Cammy Benton
Medical freedom trailblazer, Dr. Cammy Benton, risked her career to follow her conscience and is currently being investigated by the medical board for dubious reasons. Dr. Benton joins us for a wide ranging conversation about her life, her career, and the serendipitous moments that paved her path.
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Wireless Wisdom: Why & How to Use Technology Safely
What’s the deal with wireless radiation, and what can we do about it? Learn why and how to use your cell phone more safely, and how to protect your family.
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HEALNC Guide to Opposing the Mask/Social Distancing Rule
If you are planning to testify or send in written objection to the Department of Labor's petition for mask mandates, you are invited to check out our suggestions.
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NC Poised to Mandate Masks and Social Distancing on Workers
NC’s Department of Labor is poised to mandate masking, social distancing, and contact tracing on NC workers. Public hearings are being held this Tuesday, January 23, where you can make your voice heard. Learn about this and other actions you can take to stop this dangerous government overreach.
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PSA Testing - Another Pharma Boondoggle?
“The coming years will bear greater witness to the corporate sponsored creation of disease.” Ray Moynihan, David Henry
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Intermittent Fasting - Fad or Life Saver?
Intermittent Fasting has gained popularity in recent years. What is it, and how does it work? And – does it work? Intermittent fasting is not just a hot trend. It brings tangible benefits to our health in such a simple form – eat, don’t eat, eat again.
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Tired, Overweight, Depressed...Has Your Cortisol Gone Rogue?
Cortisol is known as the master hormone because it regulates many of your body’s functions. Learn how to “Master” the master so that you can maximize your energy and sense of well-being.
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CHD and HEALNC Bring Voice to NC Victims
The Children’s Health Defense Vaxxed-Unvaxxed Bus made its NC stops in October. Over thirty people had the courage to record their tragic personal experiences with our medical system. Hear their stories…
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How I Discovered that Medical Freedom Matters
December 2019 seems like the final frontier. Who would have ever thought that a world of change was on our door step? Some people were more prepared than others, because they had seen the signs. There are others that are late coming to the table but are glad to be here! So where do we go from here?
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The Truth About Mammograms
“Preventive medicine… is aggressively assertive, pursuing symptomless individuals and telling them what they must do to remain healthy… It is presumptuous, confident that the interventions it espouses will, on average, do more good than harm…” David L. Sackett, 2002 (CMAJ)
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It's Like Clockwork! The Effects of Blue and Red Light on Your Sleep and Well-Being
Unlock the secrets of your body's internal clock! Your circadian rhythm is greatly affected by exposure to blue light and red light. It's time to sync up with your body's natural rhythms for better sleep and a healthier lifestyle.
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Are NC School Based Health Centers a Benefit to Families or to Pharma?
Imagine you find an unlabeled zip lock bag with pills in your child’s possession. You ask your child what they are and where she got them, and she casually says that they are Zoloft, an antidepressant, and her School Based Health Center gave them to her.
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Black European Elderberry
Sambucus Nigra, Black European Elderberry extract or syrup outperforms Tamiflu for reducing symptoms and shortening duration of influenza in Clinical Studies.
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